William Woodward William Woodward

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Bullet. I got it free for opening a savings account at a bank. That was about 50 years ago. I still own it. It still works. Not that I can take pictures with it. They stopped making the film for it long ago. I started shooting with a 35mm SLR 40 years ago, about the time I began working in the photographic retail business. I had my own home darkroom. I printed black and white until I came to the realization that my prints would never look like Ansel Adams'. Then I did Cibachrome prints from slides.
Digital photography has enabled me to expand my creativity in ways I couldn't have imagined just a few years ago and I have barely begun to explore the possibilities. I enjoy the freedom that digital allows in taking an image and making it into something wholly new. It combines my artistic background (pop art, abstract expressionism, surrealism) with 21st century technology (Jackson Pollack meets Photoshop). The results are unique, surprising, structured or chaotic, simple and/or complex, and often amusing.
But why stop there? I've gone 1, 2, 3, and more steps beyond looking for that unimagined image.
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